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Lorain County Chamber of Commerce Statement on Racial Injustice

The Lorain County Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to promoting and supporting the success and growth of the Lorain County Business Community. Our organization since its founding in 1988 has sought to understand the needs of our member companies and to champion and advocate for a fair and equitable environment that empowers businesses to be successful. Through collaboration with other organizations and institutions, we have engaged the business community to focus on economic development, employment opportunity, responsible government and excellence in education. We take our role of being the voice of influence in the business community seriously. Knowing this, we believe strongly that our business community can lead the fight against racism while encouraging equity and inclusion. We strongly condemn all acts of racial injustice and violence and we vow to fight to change systemic discrimination within our workplaces and community. We value all of our members and we seek to provide them opportunity and support as we provide diverse programming and initiatives to create a SHARED community where we work toward collective goals. We seek change through our words and our actions and we ask you to join us in our effort to push back against racism and injustice and push toward empowerment and equal opportunity. We believe we can and must do better for Lorain County – our most valuable commodity is our people. We need to stand up together, work together, talk together and unite and uplift one another as we embrace inclusivity in every aspect of business, life and community.